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Dallas Martial Arts for Adults

Erik R. Mann

9th Degree - Taekwondo (NTFA)

3rd Degree - Jujitsu (USJA)

Martial Arts Biography

Mr. Mann began his training in 1980 with the ATA's Master Brown, training with him during his freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years, at an out-of-state christian college. All of his taekwondo black belt promotions are from Grandmaster Brown.

Following graduation, Mr. Mann returned to Dallas and resumed his taekwondo training. He spent years trying many taekwondo schools, hoping to find one similar to GM Brown's, the most notable being GM Larry Wheeler's. That eventually led to Mr. Mann co-owning a 4,000 square foot taekwondo school with GM Wheeler, a school that also trained full-contact amateur kickboxers, and hosted full-contact sanctioned events.

During the early 1990's rumors began about the approach of mixed martial arts. More than a year before UFC # 1, Mr. Mann started taking other styles, specifically those GM Brown tried prior to taekwondo. He earned black belts in 3 of them...jujitsu, judo, and kenpo. Mr. Mann even spent 10 years as a jujitsu instructor, assisting his instructor GM Bert Becerra, in the teaching of his jujitsu classes at Richland Junior College.

After earning black belts in different styles, in 1996 Mr. Mann started United Fighting Systems. It's a martial arts association that verifies and recognizes rank in many styles, and also welcomes instructors teaching a blended curriculum. Those interactions broadened Mr. Mann's martial arts knowledge, and the more styles he was exposed too, the more he wanted to know about what they taught and how they taught it.

With that in mind, Mr. Mann started acquiring lots of martial arts instructional videos covering many styles. This eventually led to him creating a website in 1997 called Martial Arts Video Reviews. That website has posted nearly 400 video reviews.

Then years, later in September 2005, after 25 years in the martial arts, Mann's Martial Arts began.

Mann's Martial Arts

10675 E. Northwest Hwy.
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Dallas, TX. 75238


Erik Mann 
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