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Dallas Martial Arts for Adults

Our Unique School Culture

No Kids

Kids are the main revenue source at most Dallas martial arts schools, So guess where they focus their energy? We focus ours on just one thing, making adults highly skilled black belts.

No Contracts

Dallas martial arts schools often demand contracts. Yet guaranteed money can make owners lazy, We want you to return to class because we earned that, not because of a contract.

No Uniforms

Uniforms are required at most Dallas martial arts schools. But in the street you won't be wearing one, so why train in one? If something in the martial arts doesn't make sense, why do it?

No Fluff

We've removed the boring martial arts fluff that exists in most Dallas martial arts schools, There's no need to memorize 10 forms, each with 20-50 movements, to become a black belt.

2 Classes a Week

Adults need fewer classes so it fits their lifestyle.  Our Dallas martial arts adult curriculum was designed for just 2 classes a week. Even more amazing, our history proves it delivers faster results. 

Adult Expectations 

You won't be expected to do things only kids, gymnasts, or the extremely flexible can  Our Dallas martial arts school was created for adults, and so were our expectations.

What Our Students Say

“I tried classes at another Dallas Martial Arts school and just wasn't getting anywhere. In just a few weeks at Mr. Mann's school I was performing at levels and speeds I never thought possible. This is the school and this is the teacher.”

“He had some of the best group class rates of any Dallas Martial Arts school, and even better, he was making all of us highly skilled in just months, and all we had to do was attend 2 classes a week.”

“His humility and speed are amazing. He'd tell us "Forget what I can do it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters in the street is what you can do".  If you follow the plan he's laid out, he'll have you doing it sooner than you think.”